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Two years later, Toni stays home with her ill father, Mr. Dubois. Mr. Dubois tells her to not stay home when he dies. When he passes, Toni leaves and heads to Renee's, where she learns from housemaid Etta that Bill and Renee have gone out of town for a while. Toni attempts to take Billy away but Etta stops her. When Bill and Renee return home, Etta tells them of what happened. Meanwhile, Dick is discharged from the army, and he comes to Renee's house looking for Toni. After he leaves, Renee tells Toni that Dick was at her house. Toni insists upon taking Billy back, but Renee refuses, stating that Billy has become her son after two years. Toni tries to take Billy away again, but Billy runs away from Toni in fear, causing Toni to accept that Bill and Renee will raise Billy. Bill reveals that he knew the truth about Billy's birth, and thanks Toni for allowing them to raise him.

Dark Isle - Scars Of Her TearsDark Isle - Scars Of Her TearsDark Isle - Scars Of Her TearsDark Isle - Scars Of Her Tears