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After the war, it was revealed why the Nazis never built the bomb: Hitler referred to atomic physics as "Jewish science." He instructed that Germany not develop a nuclear program, because it was considered to be a field “tainted by Jews.”

So I see the chive shirts have already sold out.. All they have left is men's small and a couple women's sizes.. So much for the Aussie release

Some plants are thought to employ aposematism to warn herbivores of unpalatable chemicals or physical defences such as prickled leaves or thorns. [23] Many insects, such as cinnabar moth caterpillars, acquire toxic chemicals from their host plants. [24] Among mammals, skunks and zorillas advertise their foul-smelling chemical defences with sharply contrasting black-and-white patterns on their fur, while the similarly-patterned badger and honey badger advertise their sharp claws, powerful jaws, and aggressive natures. [25] Some brightly coloured birds such as passerines with contrasting patterns may also be aposematic, at least in females; but since male birds are often brightly coloured through sexual selection , and their colouration is not correlated with edibility, it is unclear whether aposematism is significant. [26]

Alagaratnan family
We are concerned for the safe return of Kingsley and Salome and their two children who returned to their native Sri Lanka for the holidays.
Update: Safely found.

Can you talk a little bit about what sort of evidence there is to make that point – for example in December 1912, the infamous war council about which you in particular have written a lot. I wonder if you could tell us a little bit about why this is an important event?

„Wie die Zeit vergeht……. Im 1999 habe ich mit Daniel den ersten Kickboard Film für K2 gemacht und dieser Film war dann auch der Startschuss für den grossen und weltweiten Erfolg unseres K2 Kickboards by Micro. Aufgrund der erfolgreichen Zusammenarbeit mit cheese & chocolate (mein Vater, ich und mein Sohn essen übrigens keine Käse!!) schlagen wir nun ein neues Kapitel in der urbanen Mobilität auf. Diesmal mit 4 Räder für 2 Personen. Auch da beginnen wir mit einem Film, der bis heute schon X tausend mal angeschaut wurde. Die Wahl fiel uns leicht, mit wem wir diesen neuen back to the future Film machen wollten! Never change a winning Horse!!!! Der Film hat erneut weltweit eingeschlagen wie eine Bombe. The future is simple mehr Infos bei :
Vielen Dank den ganzen Schoggichääs team.

Fritz Müller - Thank YouFritz Müller - Thank YouFritz Müller - Thank YouFritz Müller - Thank You