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A bossa elétrica is a vibrant live band with the roots in brazilian music. Fine melodies with lyrics in portuguese. Jazzy, sometimes complex harmonies but always with a steady groove for the feet. The album "Eletrificacao" was released in 2004 on Raw Fusion Records along with some 12 inches with remixes. A Bossa Elétrica is currently finishing a new album on their own label Connective Records to be released in 2009. As a teaser they now release three new originals on a 12" EP - Praia do Futuro , that can be enjoyed on the dancefloor, in any cool lounge-bar or anywhere!! Fantastic ! - DJ Adrian Gibson (London) A bossa is great! I have listened and played it out in clublife ! Can..t wait to hear your new goodies! - DJ Tom Wieland (Les Gammas, Vienna) A Bossa Eletrica's interpretations of the brazilian bossanova, samba and mpb is truly one of a kind. They are simply the best "new" brazilian band I've heard together with Da Lata. Their version of "Tombo 7/4" is just 100% magic from start to finish and will mash up any club that have a soft spot for brazilian rhythms. - DJ Mad Mats (Raw Fusion, Stockholm) Great ! I received a copy of your EP and was very impressed. - DJ CLIFFY (London) Members: Miriam Aida - Vocals Måns Mernsten - Keyboards and Vocals Fredrik Kronkvist - Saxophone & Flute Mats Andersson - Guitar Mats Ingvarsson - Bass Ola Bothzén - Percussion Måns Block - Drums

A Bossa Elétrica - Veja O SolA Bossa Elétrica - Veja O SolA Bossa Elétrica - Veja O SolA Bossa Elétrica - Veja O Sol