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from the album Like Water For Chocolate · Copyright: Writer(s): Norman William Harris, Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Bruce Malament, Bobby Caldwell, James Dewitt Yancey Lyrics Terms of Use

Our tale begins fifty years in the future. The sun is burning out at an accelerated rate, which will spell the end of mankind and any hope for life in our galaxy. A team of astronauts and researchers are sent on a spaceship called the Icarus to inject a massive bomb in the sun in order to give it a much-needed burst of solar energy. Unfortunately, the mission is not successful, and the ship is never heard from again. Enter the Icarus II and a new crew, with the same mission. Once again, things quickly go awry, as the Icarus II receives a message from its supposedly deceased predecessor, and a series of incidents begin to suggest that something may not be entirely right with the known fabric of time and space.

Def La Fresh - SunshineDef La Fresh - SunshineDef La Fresh - SunshineDef La Fresh - Sunshine