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The film tells the story of a poor vineyard worker who becomes an operatic tenor, and is involved with two women — one a high society hostess, the other a Mexican bullfighter’s daughter. Highly melodramatic in nature, the film features a large amount of operatic music, all of it sung by Lanza.

The “controversy” was precisely spelled out by Chicago critic Claudia Cassidy at the start of Lanza’s cruelly short career when straightforward work in opera seemed both possible and certain. “Though a multitude of fine points evade him”, she wrote, “he possesses the things almost impossible to learn. He knows the accent that makes a lyric line reach its audience, and he knows why opera is music drama.” There is no official opera in the present collection but its mix of near-opera, Italian song and up-market MOR makes it (charmingly) like an original version of the lighter material with which the Three Tenors ballasted their World Cup concerts. “Seven previously unreleased recordings” are claimed but, like that of many crossover artists, this singer’s discography is already a mess of reissues and “alternative” versions.

Mario Lanza - Granada / LolitaMario Lanza - Granada / LolitaMario Lanza - Granada / LolitaMario Lanza - Granada / Lolita