Mohammed - downtown girl - Mohammed - Downtown Girl (Instrumental) - 1985 - YouTube

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When Mohammed Al-Rehaief, a young Iraqi lawyer, learns that Private first class Jessica Lynch, a 19-year old . soldier from West Virginia, is held as POW in an Iraqi hospital, he wants to find out what a girl the age of his own daughters is doing and why she's being held, both the . troops and his nationalist countrymen start treating him as a suspect- his personal drama is adding itself to hers and countless other ones in post-Saddam Iraq... Written by Anonymous

This unredeeming, misogynistic and depraved grindhouse horror/sex exploitation film from Troma Entertainment was originally unrated, due to its controversial and violent nature, but later reduced to an R-rating when cuts were administered. Its poster tagline exclaimed: "JOIN THE FUN!...Human Dart Boards..."Home Style Brain Surgery"...Dental Hijinks!" In some ways, this film set the stage for modern-day torture porn films, such as Hostel (2005) and Wolf Creek (2005) .

Mohammed - Downtown GirlMohammed - Downtown GirlMohammed - Downtown GirlMohammed - Downtown Girl