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 · Looking for info on installing a thread-sert on a stihl 461 bar stud. Can anyone point me in the right direction? The saw I'm working on has a...

Foresight was the original term and was first used in this sense by . Wells in 1932. [2] "Futurology" is a term common in encyclopedias, though it is used almost exclusively by nonpractitioners today, at least in the English-speaking world. "Futurology" is defined as the "study of the future." [3] The term was coined by German professor Ossip K. Flechtheim in the mid-1940s, who proposed it as a new branch of knowledge that would include a new science of probability . This term may have fallen from favor in recent decades because modern practitioners stress the importance of alternative and plural futures, rather than one monolithic future, and the limitations of prediction and probability, versus the creation of possible and preferable futures. [ citation needed ]

Stud - I Saw The FutureStud - I Saw The FutureStud - I Saw The FutureStud - I Saw The Future